Nazi Hunters

Nazi Hunters

5 Episodes

Nazi Hunters tells how a band of secret agents and avengers hunted down some of the most evil men in history.

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Nazi Hunters
  • Herbert Cukurs

    Episode 1

    Nazi Hunters examines how Israeli secret service agents traveled to South America to assassinate Nazi war criminal Herbert Cukurs. Known as the Hangman of Riga, Cukurs was responsible for the deaths of over 30,000 Latvian Jews. A Mossad agent working under the name 'Anton Kunzle' had him shot in ...

  • Adolf Eichmann

    Episode 2

    Mossad's orders are to track down and capture alive one of the men directly responsible for the murder of six million Jews, Adolf Eichmann.

  • Klaus Barbie

    Episode 3

    Beate Klarsfeld, 73, and Jewish husband Serge have devoted their lives to privately tracking down Nazis who took part in the of them Klaus Barbie.

  • Erich Priebke

    Episode 4

    As one of the highest-ranking Gestapo officers in Rome during the war, Erich Priebke is responsible for one of Italy's worst atrocities — the Ardeatine Cave massacres. On a direct order from Adolf Hitler, Priebke orchestrates the assassination of 335 Italian civilians. And, after escaping to Arge...

  • Josef Mengele

    Episode 5

    The Nazi Hunters finally catch up with the notorious "Angel of Death," Josef Mengele.