Maddy Goes

Maddy Goes

5 Episodes

Maddy Goes will search the world, going where common palates fear to tread, for amazing food to bring home and share with family and friends.

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Maddy Goes
  • Maddy Goes to Italy

    Episode 1

    Maddy Schriefer begins her culinary exploration of Sarteano, Tuscany by meeting with chef Angela Olmi and discovering a friend's secret ingredient.

  • Maddy talks with Enrico and meets the pigs

    Episode 2

    Maddy searches out the best Tuscan wine for her meal and finds some ancient history, three enterprising brothers and one unique pig breed.

  • Spa and finale dinner then heading back to Canada

    Episode 3

    After a short break in a secluded hot spring, Maddy is rejuvenated to pick up the final Tuscan ingredients and prepare her local dish with Angela.

  • Upper Canada Cheese and The Speck brothers

    Episode 4

    Back in Niagara and inspired by her Italian experience, Maddy sets out to find some amazing local wine and cheese that reflect unique local tastes.

  • Mario Pingue and cooking with Erik

    Episode 5

    It's Niagara meal time and Maddy brings together the two culinary cultures she has immersed herself in, Niagara and Tuscany.