Final 24

Final 24

5 Episodes

The last 24 hours of a person's life.

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Final 24
  • John Belushi

    Episode 1

    Final 24 investigates the root of Belushi's drug addiction and uncover the events that led to his final reckless act. Belushi battled his drug addiction for seven years. Throughout the night, he ingests the amount of drugs that finally get the better of him. In early March 1982, comic actor John ...

  • River Phoenix

    Episode 2

    Hollywood golden boy River Phoenix hits L.A's The Viper Room. He's looking forward to getting on stage and jamming with buddies. When plans change, a disappointed Phoenix ingests a lethal cocktail of drugs, staggers outside and collapses on the sidewalk. Final 24 recreates Phoenix's last day to t...

  • Hunter S Thompson

    Episode 3

    Hunter S. Thompson was an author trapped in the body of a rock star. His drug-fuelled adventures were legendary and became the basis of one of the modern lit classics. A lifetime of alcohol and drug abuse was taking their toll and at 67,in chronic pain Thompson could no longer live up to the lege...

  • Anna Nicole Smith

    Episode 4

    On February 8, 2007, Nicole is running a fever and fighting flu symptoms. She's also taken an unpredictable cocktail of prescription drugs to help her deal with the recent tragedy of her twenty-year old son's death. When Anna Nicole can't be wakened from her sleep, her friends quickly realize som...

  • David Koresh

    Episode 5

    April 18, 1993: One of the most notorious religious leaders in the United States, David Koresh, and 83 of his followers have been trapped inside their Waco, Texas compound for over 50 days. Unwilling to surrender and surrounded by authorities, the siege is the longest modern-day standoff in Ameri...