• What On Earth?: Inside the Crop Circles Mystery


    This documentary got a good review in The New York Times.

    Against the backdrop of the breathtaking crop circle phenomenon, storyteller Suzanne Taylor engages with fascinating artists, scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, and educators, who converge on southern England from around the world...

  • Building 173


    Building 173 takes viewers behind closed doors and into the rooms of an apartment building in downtown Shanghai, to watch the stories of 7 families unfold over 3 generations. Our story follows the apartment building's infamous owner and six of his tenants. Their stories of life, death and surviva...

  • How Hitler Lost the War


    Most professional historians and amateur enthusiasts believe that the allies WON World War II. This extraordinary film looks at Adolf Hitler in a different light and shows, moment by moment, how Hitler and his strategists lost the war. The film also presents synch sound interviews with German and...

  • Heroine Of The Skies: Following Amelia Earhart


    Linda Finch, an extraordinary pilot attempts to re-create Amelia Earhardt's round the world trip. This tells the story of Amelia in a unique way and is popular with aviation history buffs and females interested in piloting etc.

  • The Last Two Days


    Motion Picture covering highlights of the final two days in the life of President John F. Kennedy.