• Mandela: The Last Lion of Africa


    ''Mandela" is a moving tribute to Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first black President. The documentary features interviews with his wife Winnie Mandela, footage from his life and President Obama's tribute to him at his 2013 memorial.

  • Bob Marley: Giant


    In 1974, Jamaican reggae singer-songwriter Bob Marley met 16-year old photographer Dennis Morris and was immediately taken with him. Over the next 7 years, the two developed a friendship as Bob went on tour and Dennis captured some of the most iconic images of him at concerts, backstage, and betw...

  • Heroine Of The Skies: Following Amelia Earhart


    Linda Finch, an extraordinary pilot attempts to re-create Amelia Earhardt's round the world trip. This tells the story of Amelia in a unique way and is popular with aviation history buffs and females interested in piloting etc.